Inspired by Nature.

The Alna-Holding company's branch Alnapharm deals with the research and development of innovative products for the health of the people and the healing of complex health impairments. Alnapharm has set itself the ultimate goal of developing and manufacturing products that use natural resources and knowledge to meet the concept of sustainability. In doing so, the effectiveness and functionality of the developed products is emphasized, resulting in optimal health products, medical products and medicinal products.

A new, innovative skin product for the treatment of psoriasis has been developed and tested in a clinical trial. The product will soon be available on the market.

The cream is already protected worldwide by patent law. The patent is filed and published worldwide in over 145 countries.

The first healthcare product of Alnapharm is the dietary supplement OSVALIN® ( OSVALIN® is a unique silicon preparation containing hydrolyzed, colloidal silicon dioxide in the highest possible concentration. Silicon in hydrolyzed form is the only directly usable form for the body to compensate silicon deficits that leads to diseases such as osteoporosis, joint pain and decreasing bone density.

Alnapharm is only beginning with the development and implementation of innovative, natural products for the benefit of mankind. There are already other product developments in the pipeline.

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